How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 1

People love discounts. That’s why coupon sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon are so popular. And they are making tons of money via affiliate commissions.

So how do they make such huge commissions? They make sure the users click on their affiliate links before using the coupon code.

If you are using WordPress and want to do something like that, you are in the right place. Here I’ll be sharing how to add coupon codes or deals to your WordPress blog posts & pages.

Here I’ll be using the WP Coupons and Deals plugin. Before diving into the tutorial, let’s see some of the benefits of using this plugin.

  • Protect Affiliate Sales: the ‘Click to Copy‘ functionality of this plugin makes sure that people click on your affiliate link before using the coupon code.
  • Generate More Affiliate Sales: This plugin is designed to increase your conversion rates. The simple yet attractive templates will boost your affiliate sales.
  • Add Deals: Like other coupon code sites, you can add deals to my blog posts and pages. This way you can get more clicks on affiliate links.
  • Very Lightweight & Secure: It’s a very lightweight and secure plugin.

How To Add Coupon Code & Deal In WordPress

Adding coupon code or deal by using this plugin is extremely easy. Just follow these simple steps.

At first, install and activate the plugin. The plugin has both free and pro version.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard > Coupons > Add New Coupon.

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 2

Then provide your coupon details: 1. Give a title of the coupon. 2. Select Coupon or Deal. 3. Enter the coupon code. 4. Put your affiliate link. 5. Enter discount amount. 6. Add a little description of the coupon. 7. Show or hide expiration date. 8. Set expiration date. 9. Hide coupons 10. Select a template

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 3

You can also add coupon to a category. Just add a new coupon category and select the category. And then publish the coupon.

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 4

Now you’ll see two shortcodes in the higher right-hand side corner. One is for full coupon box and another one is just the coupon code. Copy the shortcode.

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 5

Now paste the shortcode where you want to add the coupon.

That’s it. You are done. After publishing the post, you will see your coupon live.

You can also add coupon or deal on your WordPress sidebar or footer.

Just go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and drag the widget and place where you want to show the coupon code.

How To Add Coupon Codes In WordPress Posts & Pages 6

If you are going to add coupon to the WordPress sidebar, I’d recommend you to make it sticky to get more sales.

Over To You

This coupon code plugin is not designed only for the coupon code or deal posts. You can enter your coupon code anywhere you want by using the shortcode.

So you can add coupon code on any kind of post. This way you can generate more affiliate sales.

Hope this post helps you to add coupon code on your WordPress blog. If you found the post useful, please help me by sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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