Matt Davies Stockton Ponders Why Web Design and SEO Companies Are Essential for Business


According to Matt Davies Stockton, a lot of businesses have been forced to adapt to changing trends and shift their marketing resources to digital platforms. This shift was inevitable and surviving as a business without digital marketing has become impossible for most. Let’s check out why web design and SEO companies are essential for business. 

The Essentials

1. Stay on par with trends – Using your website to extend your market is nothing new. However, you don’t have the expertise or technical knowledge to pull that off. Even if you had that knowledge, you won’t be able to keep up with trends that need to be leveraged for extending your market. You have a business to run and a limited time. That’s where professional web designers and SEO experts come in. They have built up and polished their skills over the years and would build you a visually appealing website and know how to attract traffic to the website.  

2. Knowledge and creativity – A professional web development and SEO company has expertise and ingenuity acquired through the several projects they have executed in the past. Their professionals have been trained in the same and they know how to make your website more enticing with more engaging content, strategically positioned hyperlinks, convenient payment gateways, and more such tools.

They would be able to design a webpage that stands out. This kind of work requires a lot of creativity and those companies have it. When you hire those companies, you aren’t just paying for their technical skills, but also borrowing their artistic skills and creativity. 

3. Make lasting impressions – Everyone knows the value of first impressions. For businesses, it’s even more important. Your website is like the headquarters or storefront of your business in the digital world. According to a survey, the first impression of your website on a visitor is done within one-twentieth of a second.

Over a third of visitors would leave your site if it’s not appealing enough and a staggering 85 percent of your customer’s buying decision is linked to your website’s first impression and overall design. Without a reputable web design and SEO company, you won’t be able to retain visitors and convert them into paying customers even if you manage to attract traffic to your website through paid marketing campaigns.

4. Get more out of your paid digital marketing campaigns – Web design and SEO companies can make even paid marketing campaigns more productive by making your website rank higher on the search result along with paid clickable ads. Over the years netizens have developed the habit of ignoring paid ads. However, when your website ranks higher and pops up along with the paid ads, it makes a lasting impression on users and makes them visit your website.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you should take your time to hire a talented and reputable web design and SEO company. Customers can’t trust your brand when you don’t have a professional website. Even attracting new clients can be difficult without the proper digital marketing services offered by such companies.